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Travis Scott, Tom Sachs, and Off-White Collaborations Fit Perfectly With The MMW x Nike Vibram Sole


The modularity of Matthew M Williams’ removable sole units have often overshadowed the many pieces of footwear they’ve been taken from, with the release of the MMW x Nike Free TR 3 SP spawning frankestein’d creations — and sometimes abominations — in overflowing spades. The likes of the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1, Tom Sachs x Mars Yard Overshoe, Acronym x Presto, and even the Off-White x AJ1 have landed at the hands of many a curious and resourceful individual, with so much more yet to be seen. Flaunted in praise by the designer himself as well as an account dedicated to the infinite possibilities, the strapped-on Vibram sole unit is surely doing its job just as the Arctic Grip iterations prior. Grab a peek at some of the best out of the bunch right below, and if you have your own pair, see what wild make-ups you can come up with.

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