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The Nike Kyrie 6 “Bruce Lee” Releasing In An Alternate Black Colorway


Nike is finally set to revisit the alluring theme as it prepares for the other side of the COVID-19 outbreak. Preparing not one but quite a few, the next on the list for the Kyrie 6 is a black interpretation, alternating much of the palette to put the focal yellow in the supporting role. As such, the much brighter tone arrives dressed atop the swoosh, the sparing blocking along the midsole and the laces, with bright reds sitting nearby as they color the profile’s clawed markings. Elsewhere, the neutral shade steers the helm — affixing to the mesh of the forefoot, nubuck heel, and much of the tooling — while whites contrast loudly as it seats the strap and tongue. Grab a detailed look at the pair here and expect a release hopefully in the coming months.

Nike Kyrie 6 “Mamba Mentality”

Release Date: Summer 2020

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