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The 15 Coolest Sneakers for Women

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You no longer have to choose between cute and comfort, when you can have it all. At least when it comes to cool sneakers.

When it’s time to ditch the heels, you’ll need some sneakers to match your fly. Designer brands like Balenciaga and Yeezy have hopped aboard the chunky/dad shoe train and have picked up a fan club of passengers along the way.

Since, more and more cool sneakers for women have been dropping. So, whether you like the classic athletic look or a more fashion forward style, we’ve got you covered, no matter your budget.

1. Retro Cali Sk8-Hi Tapered Sneakers, $80

You can’t really go wrong with Vans, and the Sk8 Hi comes in a variety of colors. You can dress these up or down — but not side-to-side, or you’ll turn an ankle.

Cool Sneakers for Women - Vans Retro Cali Sk8-Hi Tapered


2. Nike Air Force 1 ’07, $90

Nelly’s been steppin’ in his Air Force Ones since 2002, and this shoe is a staple that everyone should have in their collection. The crisp all-white shoe pairs with anything. But of course with Nike, you can customize your colorway any way you like, so that seven hours of virtual try-ons later, you can go back to all-white.

Cool Sneakers for Women - Nike Air Force 1 '07 White


3. Prada Logo High-Top Sneakers, $725

The high-top silhouette is a favorite of many. In case you like to add a little luxury, many designers like Prada have thrown their hat—er, shoe into the sneaker game. The sneaker game is kind of like Codenames, but with more throwing of apparel.

Cool Sneakers for Women - Prada logo high-top sneakers


4. Nike Air Max 97 SE, $180

We’re Cheetah Girls, cheetah sistas! An animal print adds the perfect spin on the classic Air Max 97. Augh, auto-correct keeps changing it to “spin” when we clearly intended “skin”—it’s the cheetah’s skin we want on our feet!

Cool Sneakers for Women - Nike Air Max 97 SE Cheetah Print


5. Reebok Cardi B Club C Women’s Shoes, $100

Cardi B’s Reebok collab features pastel colored sneakers that you can match with your mini-me. Or if you’re the fly auntie with no kids to match, the line includes workout gear, so you can have the complete look of someone who considers grocery shopping a workout. (We use milk jugs for curls.)

Cool Sneakers for Women - Reebok Cardi B Club C Women's Shoes


6. Adidas Stan Smith Tinkerbell Shoes, $100

Faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust. Stan Smith is a classic shoe, but this time Adidas has partnered with Disney to bring a Tinkerbell sneaker. Yep, we just name-dropped four trademarked properties — sue us! Actually, please don’t.

Cool Sneakers for Women - Adidas Stan Smith Tinkerbell Shoes


7. Boohoo Chunky Platform Lace Up Trainers, $20

The chunky shoe trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon despite what we think about Crocs. At least at this price, your pockets won’t mind.

Cool Sneakers for Women - Boohoo Chunky Platform Lace Up Trainers


8. Steve Madden Maxima Lime, $99.95

Somewhere along the line it became cool to wear snot-colored articles of clothing. So, you need a pair of lime green sneakers. We don’t know why, you just do! Also, is everyone’s snot lime green now, or should we see an ENT doctor?

Cool Sneakers for Women - Steve Madden Maxima Lime


9. Balenciaga Speed 2.0 Sneaker, $1050

“I like those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks.” If it’s good enough for Cardi, it’s good enough for you—assuming you have Balenciaga money, of course. It’s like real money, but features the names of Balenciaga heirs.

Cool Sneakers for Women - Balenciaga Speed 2.0 sneaker


10. Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase, $70

The FlyEase is functional for your runs, but still cute enough to wear off the track—or off the rack, if in-store shopping is still a thing you do.

Cool Sneakers for Women - Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase


11. Madewell Kickoff Trainer Sneakers in Washed Nylon and Leather, $98

These eco-friendly sneakers are stylish and sustainable. The Cloudfit technology will give you the comfiest fit—though clouds are downright soggy and lacking in support, FWIW.

Cool Sneakers for Women - Madewell Kickoff Trainer Sneakers Washed Nylon


12. Dior Solar Slip-On Sneaker, $850

“If you adore her, Dior her,” or whatever the ancient proverb was. Dior stamped its signature style on these embroidered slip-ons. The sneakers come in four different print options, just like our DIY stamp kit, though all four of our stamp designs are pretty much just Christmas trees.

Cool Sneakers for Women - Dior solar slip-on sneaker


13. Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Sneaker in Palm Print, $59.99

It goes without saying that you should own a pair of Chucks. These high-top versions with fun prints and colors will add a lil’ something extra to any outfit. And that lil’ something is protection against sunburn on your footsies.

Cool Sneakers for Women - Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Palm Print


14. Nike Reposto, $70

There are a few things you can never have too much of: money, good looks, money, and white sneakers. The Nike Reposto is the perfect blend of comfort and style, two things we actually do have too much of. Curse you, closetful of Chanel cashmere bodysuits!

Cool Sneakers for Women - Nike Reposto


15. Gucci Women’s Rhyton GG Multicolor Sneaker, $790

The Rhylon sneakers feature Gucci’s signature GG design with a multicolored twist. The shoe comes in two style variations. Like our mood before and after we eat.

Cool Sneakers for Women - Gucci Rhyton GG Multicolor sneakers

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