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PS5 will be in stock at Target on launch day — but there’s a catch

It’s a tough time to find a PS5, but there’s a little hope on the horizon. While pre-orders of Sony’s next console have been sold out for weeks, we still expected to see some consoles on store shelves come launch day.

Now, we have confirmation — at least from Target. If you want to brave the hungry crowds come November 12, you may able to find a PS5. However, if past console launches are any indication, stock will be limited, so use your discretion.

Information comes from the official Target Twitter account. A user called @packbeater (in a since-deleted tweet) asked when the popular retailer would have PS5s available to sell. The response was straightforward enough: “Available 11/12/2020 in-store.

PlayStation 5 – Available 11/12/2020


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