Saturday, December 2, 2023

Watch Viral Footage: Nike Warehouse Robbed In Memphis

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According to a viral video making the rounds on social media, a Nike warehouse in Memphis, TN was recently struck with surprise when a group of robbers broke in and raided the location for its inventory in broad daylight.

Video footage shows the warehouse being looted by a few individuals. There are all sorts of boxes being thrown around, however, it is hard to track what was being stolen. Some employees even found themselves in physical altercations with those who were attempting to rob the warehouse. At one point, you can see a worker using a floor mop to create a sandstorm to fend off their robbers. (Not quite sure that was the idea lol)

At this point, there is no information as to how many perpetrators were involved. Additionally, the amount of goods stolen is also unknown. No matter what, it is an unfortunate situation that Nike will certainly be investigating soon.

Footage of the incident had been circulating online, with some raising the question how would you handle this situation if someone stealing from your job? Respond in the comments or tweet us @buzzsnkr

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