Nike’s homage Kyrie 5s — namely the Spongebob and Friends editions — are just some of the jovial releases to grace 2019, though the momentum isn’t quite slowing down just yet as images of an all red alternate sample to the sitcom celebration have surfaced thanks to one @kustoo. Many of the accents found on the original can be seen here, just simply transplanted to a new backdrop. The signature colors of the logo found their way here as well atop the molds of the outsole while a standout hang tab towards the heel wrap features the athlete’s name in the same signature style that displays across that iconic title card. Uppers, which stand in more connection to show, is almost entirely bathed in the bold hue with contrasting accents only arriving by way of a glossy black swoosh and subtle foxing. Grab a detailed look at the pair right below, and if you’re hoping for these to make it to retail, be sure to keep it locked in for more information.