MSCHF Big Red Boot unboxing by @SteveNatto

MSCHF is constantly subverting convention, creating popsicles shaped like billionaires, leaderboards based on how much money you have in the bank, and Old Skools warped in such a way they’re impossible to skate. But even the AC-1 was grounded in reality, something we definitely cannot say is true about the art collective’s latest piece of footwear: the Big Red Boot.

A demonstration in toon force, the MSCHF Big Red Boot is something straight out of the Saturday Morning Cartoons. Frequently likened to Astro Boy’s choice of kicks, the upcoming release avoids constraining itself to reality, opting instead for proportions that make little logical sense. And though simple in its construction, featuring a TPU rubber shell and EVA sole unit, the pair’s sheer size alone certainly makes enough of a statement.

Retailing for $350 USD, the MSCHF Big Red Boot will be made available on February 16th at 11am ET via as well as the MSCHF App. Enjoy a detailed look at the shoes ahead.