It’s about that time . . .

For a lot of well-behaved people, April 20 means jack shit. Perhaps it’s your birthday or your anniversary, but for stoners the world around – it means it’s time to blaze one.

For those out of the loop, global ganja day (4/20) originated by a few lads out in Marin County, California, who met every day at 4:20 to burn one by a statue of Louis Pasteur. It became their codeword to stay safe in front of the ‘rents, and the colloquialism spread quicker than a burning single paper.

And while some of you can legally light up today, not everyone can. So, from a legal standpoint, we’re telling you we’re celebrating by looking back at some of the best Skunk-inspired sneakers.


The most iconic marijuana sneaker of all time, the ‘Skunk Dunk’ got greened-out with pops of hazy purple and a not-too-subtle stash pocket behind the tongue. It hit stores on 4/20 in 2010, of course, and these are still fetching decent prices from resellers and dealers.