Editorial Content: “Become Legend” (Air Jordan)


My name is Liam White and I’m the co-founder of IMAGE+NOISE, a creative video agency.

One of our directors, Michael Emry, made this celebration of the Air Jordan brand using an innovative mix of photo collage and traditional animation techniques: https://vimeo.com/808751813/fe39971325

We’d love to see his work featured on your site. The link is currently unlisted (still viewable), but will be fully released to the public on Monday (3/20).

Directing | Edit | Animation: Michael Emry (@cinemadness) Character Design: Troy Browne (@troybrowne) 2D Animation: Danny Stern (@danny_stern_motion_design) Brush Stroke Design : Bernardo Henning (@holamaybe) Executive Producer: Justin Thomas Ostensen Production Company: IMAGE+NOISE