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BAPE and COACH reveal upcoming collaboration


Arguably having the best start to 2020, BAPE has had a successful last couple of weeks. While other brands wait for their Spring season to start, A Bathing Ape has went on a tangent creating quality pieces and teaming up with other companies for collaborations. Likely, one of the bigger ones has yet to go down as a Coach capsule was just announced today.

With little to no details to give on what’s to come the possibilities are endless when it comes to what the two can create. From leather goods like wallets, handbags and more to t shirts and other cool accessories, the possibilities are endless. Especially with two great brands with eye catching branding, it’s guaranteed to be a great collab. Expect to see leather goods with the coveted BAPE camo as well as tees with the Bathing Ape head logo featuring luxurious Coach embellishments. Baby Milo is even expected to join the fun as Coach has featured the iconic figure in teaser images across their social media. As we get more details on the partnership, keep it locked to BUZZSNKR as we will be closely monitoring for any and all updates going forward.