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Air Jordan 1 Custom Made Entirely Of Translucent Materials

COVID-19 — though its effectively disrupted many industries — has set the stage for artists and creators as audience attention is at a record high.

With everyone’s eyes near glued to the screens of phones and laptops, customs have gotten applause en-masse, and independent creative @cerealartist has effectively used both time and following appropriately as her recent Jelly Jordan 1 has begun to make its rounds all across social media.

A model of ingenuity, the pair arrives completely see-through thanks to its fabrication, showcasing its contents through a filter of vibrant orange. Accents atop — which boast the usual Wings insignia, laces, Nike patches and the like, are drawn in dark black to contrast much of its one color backdrop. Grab a detailed look at these right here, and if you’re willing, maybe try your hand at making one for yourself.


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